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How We Work works on a unique business model, which has proven since year 2010. It offers a greater visibility and exciting earning opportunities for the tutors having passion for teaching. We receive enquiries from the parents, who get to know about us from various sources of our advertisements. We also understand from our teaching experience that each child is unique and has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. So, your flexibility to redefine your tutoring style, backed by your relevant qualification and teaching experience, will help you earn more assignments.

Earn upto Rs. 20,000/month as a part time(only 2 hours daily), depending upon the subjects and the tutor’s experience and experties. Be a member of after filling a very easy and short form, do register with us for free. Example: Suppose we consider a less than average i.e. Rs. 300/hour. Then for 1 hour daily is Rs. 300 × 30 Days = Rs 9000/month. So for 2 hours daily is Rs. 600 × 30 Days = Rs 18000/month (Upto Rs 20,000).

Rules For Tutors/Trainers

  • Never be impatient: A student requires a home tutor only if he does know a certain concept. Had the student known the concept he would not have required you. So, be patient if a student does not understand certain concepts.
  • Connect to the students: You should always connect to the students if you want to impart good education. Therefore you have to connect to the student as a friend.
  • Maintain your virtue and the discipline: In all walks of life you need a virtue and discipline to succeed. You must maintain these two in your every step of life and a schedule and value time while teaching.
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